Important advice … for visionary boards™


Over 17 years of experience have shown me that rejecting the status quo requires as much audacity as empathy, and as much creativity as adaptability; the right balance.

It requires the ability to ask the right questions and identify the appropriate issues, without compromise and with a certain elegance. 

Dedramatizing the process of setting up a first board of directors while achieving a common sentiment that nothing is actually being imposed … but that it is simply the extension of a promising vision, built on the existing situation. Or, if there is a board in place, but its performance is lacking, creating circumstances favourable to the sustainability of the business while ensuring that it greatly supports and inspires its leaders in their efforts. To properly manage change, it is necessary to know how to manage talent.

Whether it consists of coaching or training a board of directors or an advisory board, a customized approach is developed with management and the directors, respecting each of their roles, the objective of which is for the business to achieve or exceed its commercial objectives. 

The right network to make the right “casting”™


Finding the best possible advisors for the business’ specific vision, issues and culture requires tact.

I will help you define the profiles and recognize those rare gems who possess unexpected skills. I will work with you to ensure that all the members of your board of directors or advisory board are in tune with your strategic plan and contribute to it in a constructive and productive manner. 

So that meetings are focused on the future of the business, rather than on its past, on accountability and on compliance. Ensuring everything is in place including the leadership required to make essential decisions, I consider the details that can make all the difference, the annoyances to be eliminated and the strengths to further develop.

The objective sought? That meetings of the board of directors and advisory boards are always more enriching than stressful.

IN SUMMARY, all the expertise required to implement the governance formula that is best adapted to and most profitable for your business. Smoothly and painlessly.
BUT ALSO TO ADDRESS THE RISK … OF NOT INNOVATING, which should not be minimized. Accelerating the fate of the business requires taking a step back, being thorough and having a clear vision. You got it, my bias is to contribute to the full development of businesses that have taken on the challenge of innovating and reinventing themselves through governance ... that is enterprising.